Partner with Us

The collaboration and Support are a key component for success.

Yeh Gift is experienced in product personalization field. With knowledge in sale and marketing for US market, a large number of customers following and supporting is not an easy achievement within 2 years.

The secret that makes Yeh Gift different from other store is beautiful and unique designs created from creative and enthusiastic team members. The team is qualified and professional line-up, always ready to satisfy customer, quickly serve and answer customers' queries.

Feedback rating is always more than 95% happy about product quality, customer service, shipping time, etc. Customers' positive reviews are the greatest motivation to fulfill products with the best effort.

Product Quality is top priority. Each product is individually made and checked carefully before shipping to customers. Our store now is available with many customized products including shirt, mug, blanket, ornament, etc. However, Yeh Gift will continuously develop and expand with more products and various beautiful designs.

Therefore, we are always willing to collaborate with interested partners who have the same purpose.

We believe in either partnerships or win-wins cooperation. Long term relationship will bring value to both businesses.

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